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Resources for Action

Resources for Action

"Weapons Inspector" at AWE AldermastonThe Women's Peace Camp at Aldermaston is a form of nonviolent direct action, occupying Ministry of Defence land and using it for a women's camp. AWPC welcomes all forms of nonviolent action at Aldermaston, including marches, vigils and other demonstrations. We also welcome nonviolent direct action which aims to hinder, halt, subvert or stop work at Aldermaston and Burghfield on the new developments and on Britain's WMD programme. This section of the site includes maps, photos, legal briefings, guides and personal reflections on taking action at AWE.

Aldermaston Byelaws

The Aldermaston Byelaws criminalise certain activities both inside and outside the perimter fence. Document includes detailed maps of areas outside and inside the fence covered by the byelaws.

Fences: the definitive illustrated guide

You're down at your local military base, ready for a spot of disobedience, but there's always a fence in your way.

Legal Briefing

This is a short guide for anyone thinking about taking nonviolent direct action at Aldermaston or Burghfield. It is not a legal document: if you need legal advice, ask a lawyer.


Here is a nice aerial view of Aldermaston, showing gates, etc.

AWE and the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act

Section 128 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005, (SOCPA) was introduced at AWE Aldermaston and Bughfield, and other Ministry of Defence (MoD) sites, under the Terrorism Act 2006.

Women and nonviolent direct action

It depends how we feel at the time…is an article from the archives of Peace News by two AWPC women.

More resources for action

There are lots of good resources available to help you prepare an action, and others providing legal advice and other guidance for activists considering direct action.

Funding for actions

A limited amount of funding is available for groups (who don't have their own funds) who want to take non violent direct action at AWE Aldermaston and Burghfield.

Guides to AWEs Aldermaston and Burghfield

In 2007, W.S. Atkins, a contractor for the developments at AWE, produced these helpful guides and maps.

They were published as part of the application for project Hydrus.


Women's gate at 1st April CND demo

Directions and further info

August poetry and song (and cocktails!)...

Next month Aldermaston Women’s Peace Camp are holding an afternoon and
evening of poetry and song, followed by cocktails during our August camp,
7-9 August.

Action blogs

TP blockade 10 April

Yesterday's blockade was ok - somewhere between 50-80 people showed up and two roads were blocked for about and hour and a half in total.

Trident replacement - who profits?

Blockading the Square

February camp

Another day in court