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June 2010 – bird mask camp

We had fun turning paper plates into masks, and when the police arrived on Saturday early evening to harass us by filming us, they found a group of rather exotic birds sitting round the fire. They didn’t return, and as it grew dark we hung the white masks on the oak tree over the fire, where they became even more beautiful and symbolic of resistance. June camp was a real midsummer camp, with a big group of women, new and ‘old’, enjoying feminist discussions, music and warm sunshine. We did our best to enjoy the green and flower-filled side of the fence without being overwhelmed by the oppressive developments beyond the razor wire. We talked a lot about wider feminist issues and the links between violence against women and militarism. We had a meeting where decisions were few but exchange of experiences and views were good, and we had a report back from the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty. Then we drank, ate and planned next month’s cocktail party with a tropical poolside theme. Perfect.